My new source code : Balldoku – Flow Free with Challenge Mode

Here is my new source code : Balldoku – Flow Free with Challenge Mode. There’re 5 apps is reskin based on this source code. You can buy it here :

As you know, Flow Free has more than 100 million downloads. Now I’ve integrated challenge mode into it. Let’s reskin, market it and become millionaire.

Here is the AppStore link: demo link

Be noted that you MUST change the graphic.
Features and Requirements

Two modes: Relax mode and Challenge mode
500 levels included
App rater
Google Analytics
Facebook sharing
Remove Ads


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10+ cheap iOS source code

10+ cheap iOS source code

BlogNews – iPhone blog app – WordPress editions : $16
BlogNews is a full native App for iPhone and has been built in response to the demand from the owners of WordPress Blog / Magazine who want to offer to their users a professional iPhone App.

Really easy to setup, just copy and paste your RSS Feeds URL and the app will finish it. Use the WordPress plugin to easily manage the thumbnails for every post.

Features :

– SlideShow using images from web server

– […]

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Find differences apk download

Download apk :

Purchase link

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How to make a custom wordpress theme with Bootstrap 3 and

How to Make a custom wordpress theme with bootstrap 3 and ( responsive by default)
Assume that you know how to setup a WordPress site.
Part 1 : make a custom wordpress theme with Bootstrap 3 and
1. Go to , generate and download a theme. For example my_bootstrap_theme , please remember to replace my_bootstrap_theme with your own theme name.

2. Extract and copy the theme to YOUR_WORDPRESS_PATH/wp-content/themes

3. Go to and get bootstrap 3 , unzip. The folder will looks like this

4. Copy folder [css], [fonts], [js] from […]

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