Project Description

Gold Miner for Android is the #1 mobile version of your favorite classic gold rush game but provides a wilder experience than you’ve ever played before.
It is impossible to know the exact date that humans first began to mine gold, but this game will take you to an exciting, historical adventure entirely rethought to fit the Touch experience of your Android phone.
In Gold Miner, you have to direct your little crank to haul in gold nuggets. Every stage will have a coins goal that you must achieve. If the gold you’ve collected adds up to your goal then you move on to the next stage.
How to play:
* Tap the screen to release the claw when it swing and aim at valuable target.
* Tap the screen to throw dynamite(amount>0) when claw reel up target.
* After you have grabbed on to something with your claw, touch dynamite area to throw a piece of dynamite at it and blow it up
* Lucky Clover. This will increase the chances of getting something good out of the grab bags on the next level.
* Strength drink. The Miner will reel up objects a little faster on the next level. The drink only lasts for one level.
* Rock Collectors book. Rocks will be worth three times as much money on the next level. This is only good for one level.
* Diamond Polish. During the next level diamonds will be worth more money. Only good for one level.